Our Story

We are first established in April 2014 Fukuoka City, Japan.
We are family of 174, working together for the wellbeing of everyone with our amazing products. Our Director Mr. Reo Takashima and Representative Director Mr. Kazumasa Nishio aims at, what we can do so that everyone can live in good health and be beautiful both physically and mentally.
Our company is engaged in online promotion of health and beauty-related products which are made of natural ingredients, through communication with customers by telephone and e-mail. For sales promotion, we have been developing web technology for 20 years and have accumulated a highly cost effective order volume. In addition, our strength lies in our customer concierges. Ability to accurately grasp the needs of our customers and provide them with products through one-to-one, high-quality communication.
We operates not only in Japan but also in other Asia Countries as well.
such as Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia.
Making us one of Japanese Company that also provides Multilingual staffs that are capaible to communicate to the entire globe. 

Now we came to India, and we are planning to bringing the same joy we provided in many countires. through our love and labor product line up, COCOLARME Skin care,
we sincerely hope we can help you to improve your skin quality and solve your skin problems.